I know I haven’t written in a long time. I wanted to note that I DID manage to run over 120 days in a row, and I completed the 100 Day Challenge back in October. The featured photo was taken on the 100th day.

Upon completing the challenge, I continued running regularly until the end of November when it simply got too cold. I hated running in the snow, and icey conditions worried me.

Recently, I signed up for my second half marathon. I am actually splitting the Burlington City Marathon, and running it as a relay. I think I am running the first half, and Ellis (a local friend of mine) will run the second half. I am allowing myself rest days as I prepare for this race.

My sister, who I ran my first half with, finished her second half marathon this past weekend in 2 hours. She was my inspiration.

Getting through the 100 days definitely reminded me of my love for running. This winter I managed to run when it was above freezing (32 degrees F). When it got colder than that, I usually worked out indoors.

I am excited for warmer temps to return and my running to improve. I just ran 6.25 miles this weekend, and was pleasantly surprised by how good it felt.


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