Days 84 – 89

A week ago today I started running in my brand new shoes! I am really happy with them, and expected nothing less of Asics. This week I did not attend my morning class on Monday or Wednesday… I did go today, though. I am having a hard time getting up when it is still completely dark outside. However, I kick myself all day when I do not mange to get out of bed. I am going to have to start making a bigger effort. I love having my workout done in the morning.

I have been having some issues with my right piriformis muscle. It has been causing me some pain since before my half marathon, and has been getting worse recently. I ran 5 miles on Wednesday and my entire right leg felt weak. I have an appointment with a chiropractor on November 10th, which feels like quite a long time from now, but there wasn’t anything else available. I have been googling this kind of pain, and I spoke to my fitness instructor about it today. It sounds like this issue comes up when people spend a lot of time sitting or driving (with my desk job and 30-40 minute commute, I can see how this would happen). I was happy to learn that it wasn’t caused by all my running. My fitness instructor has given me some stretches that should release the muscle (and the pain), so hopefully those work.

I am running a 10K on Sunday, so I hope that goes well. I like racing, so it should be fun. Only 11 days until 100! 🙂


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