Days 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 & 57

My anxiety levels about this half marathon are beginning to spike. While I am excited and know logistically that I am prepared, I can’t help but think about how HOT it’s going to be in Washington DC.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles, my final long run before the half. I did not push it, but still ran at a decent pace. It was a warmer day, and I ran a little after 5 pm. I was running through hundreds of bugs the entire afternoon. I found them stuck to my face and arms, and even in my shirt, when I got home.

I have been trying to eat healthier this week, and have been drinking a lot of water. My muscles have been feeling tighter than usual, and that worries me. I need to make more time to stretch after running. During my workout class on Day 54, I was running hills in the cool morning air. My right hamstring and left calf muscle have hurt quite a bit since.

With only 5 days until the half, I plan to run between 1-4 miles a day. I will attend my workout classes Wednesday and Friday, and run an easy 1-2 miles on Saturday before my flight to DC.

I am nearly 60 days into this 100 Day Challenge, with no thoughts of quitting yet!


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