Days 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 & 51

I cannot believe I haven’t posted in a week! Where has the time gone? I swear I am better about running than updating my blog. Yesterday I celebrated Day 50 with 11.5 miles (the most I have ever run at one time). It hit me that only 50-some-odd days ago, I was STRUGGLING to complete 2-4 miles. I remember how tight my muscles were and how I was practically limping from the pain in my feet and legs. I cannot believe that I can now run 11.5 miles at a faster per-mile time than I was running 2 miles only 2 months ago.

I almost never feel muscle pain any more, and the tightness I occasionally experience is nothing compared to how hard it was to push through a few miles 50 days ago. After the first 10 days, I had convinced myself that no one should be running every day, and that our bodies NEED a break. I pushed through anyway, and I am so glad I did. For the most part, running feels really good. I ran 4 miles this morning — less than 12 hours after finishing my 11-miler — and I felt good after both runs! I am amazed at how our bodies adjust to what we push them to do. I am more than halfway to my initial goal and it feels awesome!

What worries me most about the half is no longer the distance, but the heat. Every day that we were in DC last week, the temperature was above 90 degrees. It hit 86 before 9:00 am every morning. I don’t want to struggle through this because of the heat, but I guess that is out of my control. I will continue looking forward to my very first half marathon! Only 12 days left (and 49 left until I complete my initial running streak goal).

I also saw a mother and her 2 baby deer on my long run yesterday (see featured image)… This is why I love Vermont.



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