Days 41,42, 43 & 44

While my posts have been inconsistent, I am getting my running in daily. I only ran a couple of miles on Day 41 since I had my bridal shower to get to that afternoon (which was an hour and a half drive).

My sister and I planned to run 10 miles on Day 42, but she was still feeling quite sick. So I didn’t lace up my shoes until I got back to Waterbury, which was much later than I had hoped to run. By then it was really raining so I only ran a mile and a half.

Yesterday, Day 43, I ran 10 miles! I have never run that far, so I was pretty stoked that I was able to run the entire thing without stopping. I am also feeling good about the half marathon I am doing in less than THREE weeks. It’s just around the corner now. Only 2 more longer runs left before the big day!

I have not run yet today (which will be Day 44), but I plan to get a least a couple miles in tonight when I get to home from work. I am surprised that I am not more sore from my 10-miler yesterday. With any luck, I will be able to sneak a few more miles in.

I am on a mini vacation for the next 4 days in Washington DC, and my mother has a tendency to fill these kinds of vacations with museums and restaurants and monuments and not a lot of down time. I worry about being able to squeeze in my running, but am simply NOT willing to give up a 44 day running streak.



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