Days 26, 27, 28 & 29

My blog updates are slacking… My running is not! Day 26, I ran 2 miles in my workout class (fast!) and then I ran another mile and a half after class. Day 27, I ran only a mile and a half and did a quick 2mile hike up Mt Philo. Yesterday was my long run day, for my half marathon training, and I ran 8.15 miles. Today, after my workout class, I ran 2.3 miles.

Since I have started this challenge, I have put in 97.86 miles. After tomorrow’s run, I will have run over 100 miles and for one straight month. Sometimes I feel like the time is flying by and I can’t believe I am more than a quarter of the way through this challenge. Other days I get frustrated when I realize I still have more than 70 days left to complete the challenge.

My motivation to get out there and run is still in tact. I rarely put it off for too long because I know I am going to have to get out there at some point, and I don’t want running to hang over my head all day. However, my sister and I had a lot to do yesterday, and didn’t manage to run until much later than we had wanted. We wound up finishing the last mile of our run by flashlight because it was so dark!

When I think about how much effort it has been to complete the past 29 days of this challenge, I get a little discouraged to think I have to do this all over again… more than 3 times! Hopefully I find myself excited about the challenge again soon. I am getting excited about the half marathon. Only 34 days away!


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