Days 11 & 12

My achy legs are begging me to quit this crazy running streak and take a day off, but I will not do it! 12 days is too big an investment to give up now. I know my body will adjust to all this running, but I do wish it would hurry up.

Yesterday I wanted to run at least 4 miles, but I only made it 3.75, and I walked up the big hill. After my killer workout class this morning, I ran only 1.55 miles. I did run about 2 miles in class today, and I ran again to get my official mile of the day in.

Tomorrow I leave for the Cape for a week, and I can’t wait for all that beach time! Though I am nervous about maintaining my running streak, I know that it’s ultimately in my hands. I can make it happen — or I can give up.


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