Day 10 – Double Digits

Double digits is feeling like quite an accomplishment today. There’s a piece of me that feels like the past 10 days has gone by super fast, and that piece of me is encouraged by the fact that I am ALREADY 1/10 of the way to 100 days! I went into this without knowing if I would be able to complete a 100 day running streak, but today, I am looking at the next 90 days with a little more confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, my body is exhausted right now. I have run 4.55 miles AND completed two workout classes in just over 24 hours. Tomorrow, I do not have a workout class so I plan to do a longer run (probably about 4 miles). Since I completed my 2.25 miles this morning, my legs feel pretty close to useless.

I am going on vacation for a week on Saturday. It’s always tough to stick to a workout routine through a vacation. My sister plans to run with me, but is only staying until Wednesday. Then, I will be on my own. I may not blog consistently that week, but I do plan to RUN RUN RUN every single day. One mile. Every day. It’s doable!!



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