Day 9

I ran at about 6 o’clock this morning. The air was cool and crisp, and yet after running 2.3 miles, my brow was wet and my breathing was heavy. My ankles and calves were aching with pain the entire second mile.

Every day I tell myself the running will get easier, but still, each day feels like a struggle. I am blaming it on Saturday’s hike. Tonight, at 5:30, I am attending one of my group fitness classes that I really love! It does have a fair bit of cardio in it, usually, but it also works arms, shoulders, core, back, glutes etc., which is why I only ran 2 miles this morning.

Being 9 days in, I had expected my running to improve a little…or at least I had expected to feel more comfortable doing it. 2 miles really shouldn’t be such a struggle for me to get through, especially considering how much I had been working out before I took on this 100 Day Challenge. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Fingers crossed the running is easier.


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