Day 7

I ran a slow and steady 2.25 miles this afternoon. My legs are feeling extremely tight. I put off running until after 6 PM tonight. It was a hot day, and I told myself I was waiting for it to cool down. In reality, I was just putting it off. After dinner, I hopped up, changed my clothes and ran for about 20 minutes (technically, it is a rest day).

I keep waiting to feel good after a run, but I haven’t so far. The biggest issue is probably my lack of stretching before or after any exercise. I should probably try to do some yoga tonight or tomorrow…

In the end, I have completed week one of my 100 Day Challenge today! Pretty soon my legs won’t feel as tight and the running will get easier. I just wish there was somewhere FLAT I could run in the meantime, but that’s not going to happen while I am in Vermont.


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